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A project log for ASC - Alexa Sprinkler Controller

Low cost, Alexa Enabled IoT 8 zone sprinkler controller based on the ESP8266

Ramsey GillRamsey Gill 08/20/2017 at 08:420 Comments

identified available GPIO on  Node MCU  ESP-12E

assignments are as follows

const int k1Pin = 5;  //ESP-12E D1 RELAYS 1-8
const int k2Pin = 4;  //ESP-12E D2
const int k3Pin = 2;  //ESP-12E D4
const int k4Pin = 12; //ESP-12E D6
const int k5Pin = 13; //ESP-12E D7
const int k6Pin = 16; //ESP-12E D8
const int k7Pin = 0;  //ESP-12E D3
const int k8Pin = 14; //ESP-12E D5

Wrote web interface and relay code, tested functionality and stability in brown out power conditions. Relay state seems to be stable when applying and removing system power/out of tolerance. Created quick video for web interface test. Attached screen capture of web UI