A project log for Digitech GE-4059 hacking

Turning a broken-down el'cheapo USB turntable into a useful USB audio input device

Stuart LonglandStuart Longland 12/29/2017 at 12:260 Comments

I haven't yet modded the module… the amplifier is powered by an on-board linear power supply (the rectifier bridge and filter capacitor is seen bottom right of PCB).

I really should remove those capacitors, but figured I'd do a test with the board as-is, since in theory it should work.  The turntable I have (a Kenwood P-110) features a pre-amp in it already.  Turntables that don't, probably will need to hook up to that JST connector instead.

As can be seen here, a bit of level adjustment and I was seeing the waveform in Audacity.  As a bonus, I don't have the tinny audio problem that the now dud turntable gave me (RIAA filtering?  What's that?).

So I think a bit of careful SMD part removal, and I should have exactly what I'm after.