Experiment on OpenCV, sensors, and bone conduction transducer

A project log for Visioneer

AI glasses that provide traffic information and obstacle avoidance for the visually impaired.

MakerVisioneerMakerVisioneer 09/18/2017 at 13:090 Comments

OpenCV experiment on color and circle detection with a traffic light picture. These techniques will be used to detect traffic lights for the traffic detection in Visioneer. Other OpenCV techniques will also be used for traffic detection.

The image of a traffic light arrow is detected with recognizing the shape of pentagon and rectangle using contour approximation from OpenCV.

Sensor experiment

Here are two videos of  the experiment on LIDAR and MPU6050. The first video is testing two TOF LIDARs VL53L0. The conclusion is stable readings and narrow detection range. So we've decided to experiment with Maxbotix Sonar sensor for obstacle avoidance.

The second video is using MPU 6050 to detect movement of a user. Turning on red LED light means a user is stationary and turning on blue LED light means the user is walking or moving. It is a way to switch between two modes in Visioneer.

Testing audio output on bone conduction transducer