My home is automated by Z-Wave radio switches, dimmers, LED strips and a lot of sensors. It works perfectly, but I don't like the appearance of the switches, so I decided to make a touch switch with a modern design. The switch runs on batteries and can be mounted to any convenient location. For my child I put the switch near the toilet at a height of 1 meter.

The brain of the switch is a Z-Wave development board Z-Uno, compatible with Arduino sketches and supporting Z-Wave radio communications. I made the board with two touch sensors based on cheap chip TTP223 and have mounted on it Z-Uno. As a front panel I use a glass from Livolo switch, it's very cheap and looks good!

The switch is powered by 4 x CR2032. Since the switch is always in sleep mode,according to my calculations a set of batteries should work for 2 years. Touch sensors chips are connected to Z-Uno through 2 diodes, when detecting touch TTP223 wakes the Z-Uno and it sends a radio command ON or OFF.

Programming the Z-Uno very easy: if you have experience programming for Arduino, you can program Z-Uno too. For programming you only need the Arduino IDE.

The case is designed in Blender and printed on a 3d printer. It provides space for batteries and frame for mounting a glass. 

After Assembly of the switch and programming the sketch, need to add switch into Z-Wave controller (I use RaZberry) and to configure the association between the switch and relay. I made a few of these switches and glued them in different rooms. The appearance and functionality of the house immediately changed. Looks futuristic!