DIY PCB holder

Homemade aluminum PCB holder for soldering SMD components

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This PCB holder makes ease for home project builders when they solder SMD components on their PCB. It's very convenient to use, can be customized to hold different sized PCBs.

I make this project in my garage without fancy tools, but with a cheap drill press and other common tools.
I started with a row material that i have bought in a shop near home.

The materials for this PCB holder are aluminum, except for the threaded bar that is iron. 

This PCB holder is similar to a bench clamp, it has one fixed jaw while the other jaw that can slide by rotating the threaded bar.

But the mobile jaw is pushed by the spring and not directly to the threaded bar. In this way, the pressure  to hold the PCB is not too much and the PCB does't bend.

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    The materials to make this PCB holder are aluminum, except for the threaded bar that is in iron. I used 3 types of rods: 

    • Round with a diameter of 6 mm
    • Squared 10 x 10 mm
    • Rectangular 20 x 5 mm, that are used for the jaws

    Plus the threaded bar with a diameter of 5 mm.

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    Cutting the rods

    From the rods, i have cut several pieces:

    • From the squared rod, 4 pieces that are 8 cm long
    • From the rectangular, 2 pieces that are 10 cm long 
    • From the round, 2 pieces 22 cm long
    • From the threaded bar, one piece 24 cm long
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    Drill the pieces

    With the drill press, i made several holes:

    Pieced drilled

    There are 2 holes of 6 mm made at the two edges, for the tow squared rod that have to be fixed at the round rods. There is also one hole of 5 mm in the center for the threaded for one is a blind hole.

    For the other tow squared rod, that have to slide, i made 2 holes of 6.5 mm at the edges, and one rod have the 5 mm hole in the center, while the other have the thread hole in center for the threaded bar. 

    I made also the same holes on the jaws and the slots to hold PCB with a V shape rasp. The jaws are connected with 2 screws of 3 mm.

    The round rod are fixed to the square rod with a small grain

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Andrey V wrote 08/28/2019 at 10:15 point

This construction has one hidden feature, which other PCB holders haven't. Because of this feature, I made the same construction holder around 4 years ago. The main feature is - Ability to put fixed PCB right on the bottom heater! It is so convenient when you work with lead-free soldering. 

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Elliot Williams wrote 08/30/2018 at 11:51 point

Beautiful work!

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