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Ground up, over-engineered electric longboard

danny-andreevDanny Andreev 03/01/2018 at 17:222 Comments

I am taking 9 courses this semester, so I am in the midst of an optimization problem...

Looks like whatever built-in neural net has figured it out. Back at about 20hours/week on the board.

After much deliberation last semester, I decided to build the battery management system around the Max14921. I made a breakout board for it, and I will be controlling it using a STM32F01 Discovery board (later integrating the chip directly). 

P.S. the pitch on the Max chip is .5mm not .025in like in other TQFP packages of similar pin number (the data-sheet said NOTHING) So the next batch of pcbs will be here next week.

As you can see I have a foam core (actually Ill have two of them) and plain flat carbon fiber plates at the front and back so that the mounting points for the trucks are extra secure.

I am slowly building up the layers of carbon fiber (they are .03in thick and takes me about 2hours for each layer) Half way done though!

I have also figured out all the PCB placement and solved the issue with high current print contacts! (more on this later)


Clara Hobbs wrote 03/01/2018 at 19:20 point

9 courses?!  For goodness' sake, how many credit hours?

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Danny Andreev wrote 03/01/2018 at 23:58 point

20. gotta collect ALL the stamps!

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