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A project log for Electric Longboard MarkII

Ground up, over-engineered electric longboard

danny-andreevDanny Andreev 04/23/2018 at 22:110 Comments

The deck is done! However, I did a bit of analysis of my progress on this project and the hardware aspects are hitting a bit of a wall; I am spending more and more time manufacturing while less and less is spend on actually learning and acquiring new skills.

Thus; I am panning on debugging the rest of the electronics, and writing code for the batter management system, but put a hold on the rest of the project until I make enough money to pay someone else to manufacture for me, or if I decide this can make a viable business.

In conclusion, ill leave it as something to work on whenever i'm bored. For now I got a few business ventures I want to take a look at ;)

Test battery pack, tab welded with Keen Lab's kWelder unit (seriously high quality product for only ~200$)

It seems I might have a little too much noise coming in from the digital side of circuit, so I'll see what i can do to mitigate that. Might have to order new PCB's...

Finished debugging the SPI, time to start pumping out code...

Down the software rabbit-hole we go!