4 Day Weekend

A project log for Electric Longboard MarkII

Ground up, over-engineered electric longboard

danny-andreevDanny Andreev 10/16/2017 at 21:460 Comments

Fall break! you know what that means! just clocked in 50 hours at the techshop in 4 days.

- Bought Carbon fiber vacuuming stuff

"hhhnnnnnngggg" - My wallet

-CNCed the last two molds out of the MDF that I prepped last weekend.

(All me!)

-Almost finished the battery pack hardware

Dat sand blaster tho

Yea, yea, I know. Steel on aluminum ill figure it out.

"What exercise equipment do you use?" - "Oh just the  BDB 1340A Jet Lathe"

-Started on the GPS, Accelerometer, Raspi module!