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A project log for Electric Longboard MarkII

Ground up, over-engineered electric longboard

danny-andreevDanny Andreev 11/05/2017 at 23:050 Comments

A week off of the project due to midterms, and now im back!

Got a lot of good stuff since the last project log.

Sensor module is reading in data. The next step is to take the Accelerations,position, velocity and have it plot on a neat interface

Got the Molds painted, just need to sand, and buff them. Should be ready to do the CF lamination next weekend.

A decent amount of time went into a side venture. I have a friend who sells finger boards, I made him some molds to speed up the process :)

I hurt my foot (bruised a metatarsal) So i slapped V1.5 together so I dont have to push when getting to/fro class.