Z-Uno will soon be available in a Mini variant

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Z-Wave IoT Development Board

Poltorak SergueiPoltorak Serguei 09/22/2017 at 01:370 Comments

We are now working on Z-Uno Mini. May be we will call it Z-Tiny ;)

Z-Uno Mini will be about 27x16 mm module ready for SMD. Same number of pins, same functionality, same flexibility, but smaller that Z-Uno, no buttons, no USB port, PLS, no LEDs and no power circuit - it is suitted to fit on your PCB like any other modem module.

Z-Uno (the current, big one) is made for fast prototyping of Z-Wave devices and DIY projects. Unlike its big brother, Z-Uno Mini is designed to make small production of your devices. Want to make 50-500 Z-Wave ketlers or Z-Wave radiation sensors? Z-Uno Mini is your choice.

Are you interested in this variant of Z-Uno? Please write us your ideas about the device.