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LED longboard light setup

matt-thurstanmatt thurstan 08/22/2017 at 12:320 Comments

The inspiration for the wheel tracking LED trick comes from 2 projects i saw on the internet.

This one by A_Steingrube/CS Stein:

..and this one by Ed Nisley/ednisley (actually i think it might be his daughters project, with a bit of help):

Neat tricks.. could i do something like that?

The inspiration for the rest of the look comes from companies like TNG Lighted Boards in the US, although i think they may have now gone out of business, if that is the case it is a shame given the quality of the workmanship in their boards.

The only issue i can think of is strength of the board due to all the internals, but even so, wow.

Add some light-up wheels and we got ourselves a party..