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LED longboard light setup

matt-thurstanmatt thurstan 08/22/2017 at 12:370 Comments

Mounted next to the controller, in line with the centre of the board is an MPU6050 6-axis sensor on a GY-521 breakout board. It is connected to the microcontroller via I2C, powered with 5v and can data connect to board with either 3.3v or 5v

Pro Mini:

D1 Mini:

Wemos D1 Mini (ESP-8266):

The software has several calibration routines to help work out where it is in space and time. 

Orientation sensor data is used to switch light modes, change the speed of the animation, activate an emergency beacon, indicate when the board leans round a corner and mix with the wheel sensors to produce LED effects.

TODO: Fix upside-down register. Seems to have a blind spot/gimbal lockout point?

TODO: Proper calibration system with menu.

Software uses a custom library for ease of access.