​MkIII: Aluminum Ring

A project log for Silent Orchestra POV aka "Death Ring"

a wicked large interactive POV display for festivals and stuff

booleanboolean 08/21/2014 at 17:440 Comments

A whole new design with drivetrain was drawn up in Solidworks and created at Makerplace and FablabSD (it's current home).

This new version adds:

a lightweight aircraft grade aluminum ring

CNC machined drive train

3HP AmpFlow brushed motor

Kelley controller with 0-5v sense for power

2x750 watt drive PSUs ( from robotics)

RPM control via Arduino, hall effect sensors and an R/C pass 0-5 Speed controller signal

physical positioning via a MPU-6050 ( for low RPM POV)

serial bluetooth position sending to processing

Drivetrain with Idler installed

Plasma'ed piece on ring assembly

Welder with the finished Al ring!

Rotating Electronics

Communications Diagram

Electronics Schematics