Dispersed Clock

Set of 24 Domino-sized boxes to be used as a dispersed clock. Be alerted of events at the location of the activity.

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**IMPORTANT NOTICE** - Unfortunately, due to time constrains, I'm unable to complete the eligibility requirements for the 2017 Prizes competition! I tried my best, but there were too many "firsts" for me here. What proved too difficult was balancing between the requirements of the product to be unobtrusive as well as contemporary. is the perfect place for it, and I'm continuing to work on it at a more sane pace. Thanks for accepting me, and my apologies, Barak.

---The description:---
Clocks are everywhere, except where they are needed at most - where the activity involving them is taking place. Place the boxes in places requiring your activity and attention. This makes it simple and easy to keep track of time.
The 24-unit set shows round hours from 00 to 23. It lights up at the hour written on the unit.

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davedarko wrote 08/30/2017 at 11:37 point

That's a bit artsy, but I like it :) I think you need to share more about this project for the hackaday prize, looking forward to that!

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