TremorFreeMe Applcation Beta and Instructions

A project log for Hand Tremor Suppression Wearable Device

We propose an innovative medical wearable device to assist people who suffer from hand tremor (Parkinson's Disease, Essential Tremor etc).

bikias.thomasbikias.thomas 10/10/2017 at 09:130 Comments

We uploaded a BETA version of TFM application,as well as, installation instructions.

Although TremorFreeMe's app hasn't got any functionality without the device in a close range, we uploaded this BETA version to give an idea of the User's Interface. We are trying to develop a user friendly environment with easy controls and we are introducing voice commands, in case patient's tremor doesn't allow him to hit the buttons. (NOTE: TFM application can be installed in smart-watches for further patient's facilitation)

We would appreciate feedback and any kind of suggestions for TFM's application design and for any extra features as well.

You can download TFM's application BETA version HERE

You can download application's installation instructions HERE

And the open source code of TremorFreeMe app