Why TremorFreeMe!

A project log for Hand Tremor Suppression Wearable Device

We propose an innovative medical wearable device to assist people who suffer from hand tremor (Parkinson's Disease, Essential Tremor etc).

bikias.thomasbikias.thomas 10/11/2017 at 10:490 Comments

-Holistic Solution 

TremorFreeMe does not focus on a  specific need of a tremor patient. It suppresses tremor completely and allows patient to do every regular activity in his daily life. Not feeling incapable of using his hands, patient will be strong and, most importantly, independent, without feeling embarrassed or disabled.


TFM's final design is going to be elegant  and it could be easily hidden under a sleeve or under the patient's clothes. As a result, patient, who used to feel embarrassed and stressed, will regain his social confidence and a normal life.

-Include Essential Tremor patients

Everybody knows about Parkinson’s Disease(PD). However, hand tremor has many forms, with the most common being Essential Tremor(ET), a disease that can affect, also, people in a young age. Unfortunately, there is no medication for ET and, until now, there are no efficient solutions to limit the tremor it provokes to the patient. So, TremorFreeMe's approach constitutes an innovative solution which doesn't exclude any kind of tremor patients.


Tremor characteristics are not equal for all the patients. Furthermore, it has been observed that each patient's characteristics are changing, not only during aging but also, during the day. The causes of this changes can be psychological( mostly in PD's) or they can be due to the nature of the disease( mostly in ET). For this reason, TFM is using Machine Learning Techniques and Signal Processing Methods to adapt its parameters and  to develop a personalized tremor suppression model  in order to maximize its efficiency.