Greenhouse at sea

Like the title cultivate plant at sea

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Why not at sea grow plants and more it's easy? Not! Too cultivate plant you need many different data. That's why every grower in this line of business produce not in soil instead in mineral wool
to control the maximal. So it will happen in a cargo container with and without LED. Too reduce the cost at first I will try to develop a PI to control all the liquid later the whole greenhouse (container). It's a small step but it need to be done too collect data equal the location the sea with nothing around.

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helge wrote 04/02/2022 at 15:43 point

>Why not at sea grow plants?

Most plants that produce calories don't like salt water (e.g. which probably also includes salt spray - but maybe that's a problem that can be overcome in a reasonable way. The next challenges would be that marine tech is brutal. Between harsh weather, corrosion and bio-fouling, it seems to me one of the reasons to do off-shore operations is to buy more space where it is scarce.

Having an unattended farming operation however is necessary, but may be one of the fields where a project can shine. There's a fair amount of experience from off-shore power generation when it comes to installation and maintenance.

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