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    Capture buttons codes from your remote control

    Use the IRrecord example of this library.
    Start decoding some buttons. If I pressed CH+ the result was 20DF00FF with NEC code type.
    Here is a tuturial: http://www.righto.com/2009/09/arduino-universal-remote-record-and.html

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    Write the sequence you want to automate

    Once you decode the necessary buttons, arrows and OK button in my case, you can program how to "navigate" the keyboard.
    The keyboard starts at "g", it is as simple as 3 times right button and OK for pressing a "k". With this logic you can enter your complete email address and then the password.

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    The code is really simple, there are several ways to improve it, but I wanted this quick solution for a daily problem and can't wait a long to have it working.
    To minimise external components I use the reset button to initialize the sequence.