8/22/2017: Design Brainstorming and Concept

A project log for TurningPoint.

An assistive device that can reliably help frail patients transfer from bed to wheelchair and back.

Riya FukuiRiya Fukui 08/26/2017 at 18:320 Comments

Winner concept: A transfer board that allows one side to be elevated while the person is seated.

Other ideas:

  1. Hoyer
    1. Pump-able
    2. Automatic
    3. Pushes a button and automatically transfers
  2. Board with wheels
    1. Start sliding once you’re on
    2. A conveyor belt
  3. Platform for chair to become higher than the bed
  4. Something to lower the bed
  5. Air inflator in seat that deflates on one end so the patient slides
    1. Like a wedge
  6. A wheelchair that flattens to the height of bed
    1. The patient does a roll
  7. Wheelchair is part of the bed
  8. Hoyer lift with magnet
  9. A vest that assists with lifting oneself
    1. Like the pull up machine with weights
  10. Using the momentum to fall on top of the bed
  11. Using mini-steps to go backwards on to the bed
  12. A wheelchair where you can take off the back so that you can go backwards
    1. Go backwards
  13. Escalator to the bed
    1. A conveyor belt that will let you slide into your chair
  14. Monkey bar to move yourself into the bed
  15. Something hanging that they can grab on to
    1. Maybe there’s a counter weight
  16. Make the bed into a jungle gym
  17. Put a little bit of C4 under the butt and poof
    1. Similar to spring loaded trampolines
  18. Electromagnet maglev to slide the patient
    1. Or air pressure
  19. Use long stick
  20. The wheelchair seat that attaches to a pole and the seat moves
    1. Cushion that elevates from the chair
    2. An arm to turn onto the chair
  21. Back to the bed and chair pushes up
    1. Air mattress cushion that will lift them
  22. A wench that will pulls you up to the bed
    1. Like a zip line that will lift them up
  23. A slide in the seat that slides in and out like Chinese table