Power boosted to 55W

A project log for 45W RF SSB CW AMP (EBAY) DIY Build = 55W Upgrade

This is a guide to build & improve this $14 DIY Ebay kit as the OEM docs (also incl. here) are borderline Chinglish.

mosaicmercmosaicmerc 09/21/2017 at 01:250 Comments

With the temperature comp. in place I did a max sustainable  power test into a 50Ω load.

55W is ok @ 20 Meters driven by 14.5Vcc with about a 4Vpp input signal. A higher than 4Vpp input overdrives the early gain blocks and adds more harmonics.

This is CW btw.

That's a 22% power boost for little cost. No doubt the EBAY sellers would love to advertise a 55W Amp for $14 . I wouldn't be surprised that they figure this out from this project and make the cheap mods to do it and sell more value for the same price. Wouldn't you buy a 55W temp. compensated module over a 45W module for the same $$?