CHIP-8 is working

A project log for MicroVIP

This is a project to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the RCA COSMAC VIP microcomputer!

David HunterDavid Hunter 09/19/2017 at 03:130 Comments

I keyed in CHIP-8 from the VIP manual and saved it on the SPI flash.   Then I tried a couple of CHIP-8 programs.   One of the programs is VIP Space Intercept (pg 43 of the manual).   It works quite nicely.   I have a picture of it up in the gallery.  (I'm using my old Apple IIc monitor this time which is why the long persistence of the phosphor is seen)    I also tried VIP Wipe Off (pg 42) which also works.   

So, I think my VIP ROM re-write is good because it works with CHIP 8 right from the manual.  The SPI flash read and write has also been working well.   It is "lightning fast" compared to a cassette tape.

I want to check the I/O ports next and then the standard VIP operations will be complete.