mini generator 230 V lighting bulbs 3 W - 75 w

generator 230 V Ac lighting bulbs 3 W - 75 W using a single coil

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mini generator, alternative current 230 V, using a coil without core, a neodymium magnet sphere 19 mm - 30 mm , a dc motor and a battery, which can light up a bulb 3W - 75 W 230 V

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sciencetoolbar wrote 08/29/2017 at 13:16 point

small generators, my hobby....

The secret of the presented small generator is  that, the coil (stator) provides a "total capture" of the magnetic flux generated by the spining neodymium sphere ( the stator) - this is possible using a sphere shape which is fixed on the pot metal case between the magnetic poles . I manage to avoid the " standard brake"  positioning the sphere a little higher than the stator ( coil ) but I need to increase the RPMS ( I am using 2 poles spheres). I consider it a succesful educational layout,  created in educational purpose, not in commercial purpose. Probably as an industrial generator needs a lot of  improvements 

thx st

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