Log 9/4

A project log for ThIRd Eye: Ground Level Detection for Wheelchairs

Using three IR distance sensors, this mounted system can detect drop-offs and obstacles at ground level and alert the wheelchair user.

Adam PorterAdam Porter 09/05/2017 at 02:220 Comments

Being a complete Arduino newbie, I found Youtube to be a great resource for learning the basics, from the actual hardware and how it works to the code itself. The Arduino code currently utilizes a library that converts the analog sensor value to centimeters (specifically for Sharp IR distance sensors), which was available for download in the Arduino environment. I was having trouble adding my own libraries from the internet into the Arduino software, as the downloaded .zip file from Github contained "-" marks, which Arduino was unable to recognize as a library. I attempted to manually install the library by unzipping the file and then renaming it without the dash marks, but I could not locate Arduino's library folder. Most likely, I will end up inputting the library directly into the Arduino code, so that the sensor system can work properly without a serial usb connection to a computer.