Phase II - Design Strategy and the CAD/CAM Concept Development

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Phase II - Design Strategy and the CAD/CAM Concept Development

 Assessment and Conceptual Design

 Informed by the earlier work, the team set about exploring technologies, components and designs that could meet the early specifications for the end product, defined through the DIR, PFMEA and the IP review.  Ideation proceeded through raw hand sketches, brainstorming and debates, through CAD sketches and CAD failure analyses.  Illustrated is one concept (of several) that failed CAD materials and use analysis. 

Mathematical analyses and engineering constraint analyses were also performed to identify the repercussions of a failure of one pin on other pins. Three concepts were rough prototyped – two with SLA, one in steel. These prototypes were manual powered configurations of parts to review form and function. One concept was chosen as superior based on how it compared to the information in the DIR and PFMEA.  Sketch and debate concepts that may meet the needs of the end user. This design concept was explored further in design ideation in CAD.