First Iteration: Proof of Concept

A project log for RiseUp! System: Wheelchair Pressure Relief Monitor

System which allows individuals to gauge how well they are performing crucial pressure relief exercises in their wheelchairs.

drewmandrewman 09/01/2017 at 22:100 Comments

Current build is a proof of concept. One FSR is used. 

This is the basic premise of how this system works now:

When the individual sits on the sensor, all 3 LED's are not lit. When the person shifts in the chair (not completely), one of the 3 LED's is not lit, corresponding to the force that is distributed on the sensor. 

When the individual wants to perform a pressure relief, he or she lifts their bottom away from the seat cushion. When the person's bottom is completely off the FSR, all 3 LED's will be lit. This indicates that he or she is performing the pressure relief correctly.