Major updates

A project log for RiseUp! System: Wheelchair Pressure Relief Monitor

System which allows individuals to gauge how well they are performing crucial pressure relief exercises in their wheelchairs.

drewmandrewman 10/21/2017 at 08:000 Comments

Updated instructions and new sketch file for Arduino Uno. At this point, everything works in terms of a proof of concept. Future steps will be to go beyond the breadboard phase, though initial testing with wheelchair users will be adequate as is.

Fritzing diagram is not updated, but all that is added is two more FSR's connected to A1 and A2. Strangely, the fritzing program does not have the larger FSR's that I am using.

Excited to get real feedback once testing begins in the upcoming weeks. Looking forward to expanding the scope and incorporating moisture sensors to help users determine if they are wet due to a leaky catheter. (This was the first thing that was relayed to me after showing the prototype).

Some funkiness with updating the instructions on this project page. Steps sometimes get out of order.