A Clarification

A project log for Handuino: A DIY Handheld Human Interface Device

Modular. Portable. Powerful. DIY. The ultimate Arduino interface for your robots, UAVs, 3D-printers and everything else you can dream of

Cyrus TabriziCyrus Tabrizi 08/20/2014 at 21:010 Comments

Hi! I just wanted to clarify the way this Project is organized. There's a lot of information about it so I want to make sure everyone knows where everything is! In the Description, there's a brief description of the Handuino's specifications and purpose. In the Details section, much of the information in the Description section is repeated but in elaborated form. The Details section also includes more background information and is generally more thorough than the Description section (as one might expect). The Description and Details sections, though, do not cover everything someone might want to know about the project's creation or the rationale behind different design choices. For that additional information as well as every step in the process of making your own Version 1 Handuino, look for the Build Instructions section!