Quantity   Component name
1 × Arduino Leonardo A variation of the popular Arduino microcontroller with built-in USB communication
1 × 2.2" TFT LCD Screen w/ breakout board From Adafruit Industries, this screen is easily controlled by the Arduino's various pins. A specific pin configuration is necessary to achieve high refresh rates, though.
1 × Joystick w/ breakout board (built-in button) From Sparkfun, this board breaks the joystick input into distinct analog and digital outputs and is simple to work with.
4 × Large, square tactile button Generic square buttons.
2 × Generic potentiometer w/ nut and washer
1 × Large toggle switch Used to turn the Handuino on and off
1 × XBEE Radio Module
1 × Breakout board for XBEE Radio Module Makes the XBEE Radio pin compatible with standard breadboards.
1 × Polylactic Acid (PLA) Filament For 3D-printing of course!
1 × 1/8" Transparent Acrylic For laser-cutting the Handuino frame.
1 × 9V Battery w/ plug For powering the Handuino on the go
1 × Spool of electrical wire For wiring everything together