Finally printing!

A project log for Swiss Army Arm

A multi-tool tool holder for amputees

dante-kienigielDante Kienigiel 09/05/2017 at 00:380 Comments

After around 4 months of waiting and 7 failed attempts of the printer failing (it either stopped extruding mid print or the bed wasn't leveled properly), I'm finally going to get the prints of the new prototype tomorrow! :D (hope I didn't jinx it by writing this but last time I saw it, the print was way more advanced than the rest of the times combined. It's a different printer I'm using, and this time with a honeycomb pattern and a slightly higher infill).

Will update you once assembled (I'm only testing out the tool selector mechanism and printing a few chain links to see if what I was thinking to link them together will work correctly or if I have to change anything).

So excited! Really missed this project.