I broke my hand!

A project log for Swiss Army Arm

A multi-tool tool holder for amputees

dante-kienigielDante Kienigiel 09/05/2017 at 01:590 Comments

Not an euphemism, just a weird skiing accident. They took two weeks and three x-rays to diagnose it! 

I'm known in my school as "the hand guy" (for this and other prosthetic/hand/arm related projects I'll post in the future) and now they think I hurt it on purpose...I swear I didn't!

Still, I'm gonna make the best of it! It's gonna be a way to see which things are harder to do one-handed for one-handed people, and to get new ideas for tools to use and other new projects! :D

I'm only going to have it for two or three weeks so I don't have time to design or build something for the cast, but I'll think of something for next time. Maybe put some buttons or sensors on it and turn it into a smartcast/controller? hehe