Updated R200 Prototype Hardware

A project log for SNAP: Augmented Echolocation

Sightless Navigation And Perception (SNAP) translates surroundings into sound, providing continuous binaural feedback about the environment.

dan-schneiderDan Schneider 10/21/2017 at 08:590 Comments

The next generation of SNAP will still be using the R200. We plan on moving to a new sensor array in the spring of next year, but until then we have work to do!

To keep everyone on the team comfortable, we've designed chassis for the UP board and are moving from the classic hot-glued headsets to a lighter weight fully printed version, as seen below. 

The chassis for the UP board consists of an aluminum tray which is required to provide adequate grounding for the USB and Ethernet ports. The plastic lid SNAPs into place by rocking in over the side panel connectors. This 

small housing will likely be worn on a belt, with the battery pack tucked neatly into a back pocket. 

Inside the lid is an integrated baffle which directs airflow from the vent slots in the side, into the fan. Vent holes in the rear of the chassis then exhaust the warm air. This part is close to being ready for injection molding, however certain features would require side pulls. The snap feature in particular may need to be reworked unless the part can be flexed from the core reliably. 

The new headset is very simple, and not much to look at, but looks aren't everything. This assembly will weigh nearly two ounces less than the old version, which is a load off the user's nose!