Quantity   Component name
1 × Sensor Array The current generation sensor is a RealSense R200 camera from Intel which outputs a depth map directly. The field of vision is somewhat limited using this camera, but combined with the accompanying development kit, this sensor is ideal for prototyping and experimentation. Future development will likely combine stereo visual odometry and ultrasonic sensing to allow for detection of relative movement, edges, and clear or reflective bodies.
1 × Controller The AAEON Up board included with the RealSense Robotic development kit functions as a prototype controller, but future development will likely require more processing power to allow for more detailed sensing and higher resolution audio output.
1 × Headphones During development we are using a standard set of studio headphones to let us tune out ambient noises. These background sounds, however, are very important for those without sight. A fully functional prototype will use minimally invasive headphones similar to a RIC hearing aid.
1 × Battery We used a RAVPower 16750mAh External Battery Pack from Amazon for our power supply because the Up board takes 4A at 5V. Paralleling the USB outputs from the battery pack gave us enough current to power the Up board.