New PCB will support EMP240 and EMP570 CPLDs...

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Homemade low cost CPLD dev board (Arduino STM32F103 and Altera MAX II EPM240/EPM570 CPLD)

Just4Fun 5 days ago0 Comments

I've just finished the new PCB revision:

Using eight solder jumpers (SJ1-8) it is possible now "configure" the board to use an EPM240T100 or EPM570T100 CPLD (the idea to allow the choice between an EPM240 and EPM570 was suggest by Hacker404).

In the back side there is a short note on how use the solder jumpers.

I've also added a switch and a led for the DEV_OE signal, because using the previous board version I realized that it would have been more handy.

Now some more checks before send the files to the PC service...