Updated the power supply

A project log for Advanced tracked LEGO vehicle

An attempt to make an autonomous LEGO vehicle on tracks with a Raspberry Pi Zero as a controller.

igor nakonechnyiigor nakonechnyi 09/23/2017 at 20:220 Comments

I was not happy to use PowerBank to power the vehicle. As it uses Explorer pHat to control the motors it works on 5V. Thus obvious choice was single cell LiPo battery. So I've got a 2500 mAh LiPo battery, charger and Pimoroni's LiPo SHIM. Also I had to rebuild the vehicle quite a bit to fit the battery. I managed to place everything in a much more compact way than it was before.

Apart from that I soldered different pin header to Explorer pHat. The one I had before did not allow to access any other GPIO's apart from one on the pHat. Now I have access to almost all of them. SHIM board would actually be soldered to the pHat as well. I'll order a new SHIM for that and use the one with the headers for my Pi3 with a display. Also the way all the peripherals are connected does not look good so that will be changed as well. 

What's coming next?  

I finally  received two things and will implement them: first few slip rings and I'll be trying to make some sort of LIDAR system with ultrasonic sensor and a stepper. We'll see if it's not gonna work It will become something like a turret, maybe with a laser. 

Second - I've got high-power IR LEDs which will replace a low-power one I already have. WIth that I'll finally be able to operate in the night vision mode.