Custom Record Player

Reworking a low-end record player into a classy design.

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This project is reworks an low-end Jensen record player into a classy, modern design. The original record player was used as a template for how a player should work, which reworked into a new design piece-by-piece. At this point very few original parts remain: needle, motor, and rubber band.

By the end of the project, I should have an open-source template and parts list to let others to build their own players from scratch.

Full writeup available here:

The player is based on a Jensen JTA-230 Stereo Turntable, a low-end player I didn't feel bad destroying. I started with a rough idea- a player with a floating platter on top a nice piece of scrap wood I had around. From there, I've been using the Jensen as a known-working template, modeling parts by part, using similar dimensions.

Parts are designed in Autodesk Fusion 360 and printed on an Ultimaker 2.


  • Design automatic on-off when arm is moved to the center or side
  • PCB
  • Final assembly

    • 2 × LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
    • 1 × EG530-SD DC Motor, Common in Audio Devices
    • 1 × Record Player Needle

    • Player Arm

      Zach09/11/2017 at 20:59 0 comments

      I've designed and printed the arm, which is most complicated piece. If fits snaps into the raised arm nicely, rotates well, and fits the needle.

      The clasp that holds in the needle is a little brittle and might not stand up to swapping out the needle. Something to consider updating in future revs.

    • Amplifier: Augmented

      Zach09/11/2017 at 20:53 0 comments

      The sounds off the turntable needle directly contains a lot of scratchy, high-frequency noise. The output is also too strong for the LM386 amplifier directly. After some tinkering with low-pass filters, I found some appropriate values get a good sound. I brought out the bass a little more than the original record player, and at this point I find the sound more pleasing than original amplifier.

      I will publish the circuit schematic along with the PCB.

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    Baird Bankovic wrote 07/31/2022 at 23:05 point

    Seems like a neat project, I am interested in building one.

    The link that you included for the full write up does not work (Server not found error), could you either post the files on this page or give a link that works?

    Also could you post a schematic and PCB files? If you post a schematic, I can design the PCB and get it printed. If it works I can throw the Eagle files on the page to help out with the project.

    Cheer - Baird

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