Din rail mount for Arduino UNO

Din rail / cap rail enclosure and breadboard for Arduino UNO, Yun rev2, Nano, Wemos D1, Genuino 101 ....

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Do you want to install your Arduino project in a control cabinet? May this project can help you.
This enclosure is not only suitable to house an Arduino board and mount it to a DIN rail. It comes with a breadboard and a voltage regulator for 5V DC . Along the edges of the proto area, all the IO and power pins are connected and marked. Furthermore you can stick an Arduino shield to the main board. You can connect your work via terminals with the world ouside the enclosure.

  • milled cab rail enclosure
  • transparent top shell
  • for EN50022 DIN rails
  • prototyping plate - fits perfectely in the enclosure
  • all Arduino pins are connected to marked pins beside the breadboard
  • 1x 2-pin terminal blocks
  • 4x 3-pin terminal blocks
  • sockets for the Arduino Uno, 101 and zero
  • sockets for an optional shield (directely conneted to the Arduino)
  • pcb contains a layout for a 5V/1.5A voltage regulator
  • optional reset button (reachable via openings in the enclosure)
  • for  Arduino Uno, 101 and zero (and compatibles), Nano, YUN rev2, ....

Application Note RS485 Rev A.pdf

How to integrate a RS485 interface

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Datasheet ArduiBox Rev A.pdf

Datasheet / Description

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james wrote 05/02/2018 at 08:26 point

I have used a few of the boxes made by Hitaltech, they have a product list here:

I dont think you can buy small numbers from them directly but they have listings on and other similar sites. 

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