Balance Belt

This device is signals to the wearer when they are about to fall and in what direction

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I am working on building something that matters this is my entry into the Assistive Technologies Challenge for the Hackaday prize.

I am creating the balancing belt the balancing belt is designed for someone who has balance issues and needs an assistance or guidance on NOT to tip over.

If the person leans a bit too much the belt itself will buzz  in the direction of danger using the same kind of vibration Motors that are in your cell phone.  4 motors left right front and back and if you're leaning forward and front it will buzz both motors This way you have eight different directions you can easily react to.

This is designed for somebody who still has the motor skills to deal with balance.

The system would have consist of a belt that would have the buckle would have the electronics inside it and then there would be three more sensors one on a necklace and or or glasses and then the other two would be inside your shoe this way it would use these multiple different points to figure out your center of gravity and also use the acceleration and height of your feet to let the system know if you are walking forward because walking is falling

I look forward to getting feedback from the hackaday community.

David Shorey

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