Development Rig Update

A project log for DINternet

Expandable rack IoT platform for home or industry use.

Craig HissettCraig Hissett 03/28/2018 at 23:530 Comments

I haven't updated this project in a little while, work is ongoing.

I am building two development rigs in order to help with coding and also for me to try out new hardware configurations.

Both rigs are on 3D printed DIN rail brackets, with space for a front and back rail mount.

Front rail contains a mixture of Pi and Arduino boards, and back rail contains all power distribution and some 13A UK sockets for automation control.

Rig 1

The first rig is built around a 4 channel sonoff switch.

Channel one controls a Pi Zero W housed in a RasPiBox Zero Lite powered via a DIN rail power supply. This will run a webserver and an MQTT broker.

Channel two controls a Wemos D1 in an ArduiBox Open enclosure powered by another rail supply.

Channels 3 and 4 control directly two 13A sockets on the back of the rail. A third 13A socket is connected to the Wemos board via a relay.

Rig 2

Rig two has no built in switching; it is to be plugged into rig 1's sockets when needed.

This rig will feature another RaspiBox Zero Lite, plus a SimpliBox USB relay box (which in turn controls the 13A sockets on this rig).

A Pi 3B with a Relay HAT will also be on this board.

These rigs will give me the freedom to test a plethora of options, be it Pi or Arduino based.

I am excited to get them wired up!