Making a proper web controller

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led marquee controlled with two arduino, and an ethernet shield

XylitolXylitol 09/05/2017 at 19:480 Comments

So, my friends suggested that i should make a proper web app to control the display, instead of just a single gateway page.
Basically i've nothing to change on my arduino code, i just have to develop a panel, and it would make the project more valuable, with added functionality such as sending custom message.
If some people remember my IoT weather station project, i've used a mySQL db, here i'll be using SQLite, i want to try to avoid MySQL. After reviewing my options for using a single file for data storage, SQLite seem a good choice.

Here is the scope of work for the web application (this log might be updated to add features)

Control Panel:

After login, the admin can do the following functionality:

Arduino gateway:

Security: htaccess to deny direct access to the database.

Technology: PHP & SQLite3, Bootstrap as theme.