First attempt: Long reach grabber converted to clipper...

A project log for 'If you can't reach your toes' nail clipper

A toe nail clipping station to support your foot, position a pair of heavy duty nail clippers and cut your nails without bending over.

Riley BoothRiley Booth 09/03/2017 at 17:170 Comments

The first design attempt was to modify a grabbing tool to hold nail clippers. 


Several problems were found trying this:

1. Vision:

Positioning the clippers is difficult without having a close eye on what you're doing.

2. Hand steadiness and clipper position:

Moving the clippers into place using the long gripper can be challenging for anyone who doesn't have a very strong and steady arm. An adjustable system which lets you put the clipper right where you need it and then hold it rigidly in place would be preferable.

3. Clipping force:

Toenails growth is affect by medical conditions age, which can make them very thick and hard. They require a surprising amount of force to cut, so that can be difficult to transfer through a gripper system.

The outcome was that we needed a more robust, safe and repeatable design.