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A project log for Autonomous watering system

This system decides how much water your plants need according to its sensors and internet weather stations and controls a pump to water them

AlvaroAlvaro 08/21/2014 at 00:560 Comments

The "weather station" is fully functional, showing temperatures from nearby weather stations gathered from (similar to, as well as links to many weather prediction sites, air quality and so on, as well as showing the weather prediction as a full text.

The camera and guestbook are also fully functional.

As for the watering subsystem itself, it can be triggered manually or set to water at a fixed time of the day for a specified period of time (about 20 seconds is enough). I'll post updates as I implement and train the neural network system that will decide when and how much to water the plants. The weather data (rainfall, temperatures, forecasts...) is readily available to be fed to the neural network already.