USB HID Braille keyboard

Ultra low cost braille keyboard for use along side screen reading software.

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This project aims to provide a low cost braille keyboard that is compatible with any linux, windows or mac based computer so as to provide low cost computing to all blind people.

Completely open hardware just please credit me, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

Current source code files below.

This is an ultra simple device in terms of building, that functions the same, if not better than devices costing $100+ and along with a touch pad, Raspberry Pi (or equivalent) configured with screen reader software and a speaker, would form and entire computer for a blind person for less than £50. All other components are readily available, and this keyboard is the missing piece.

(old arduino version, was not able to use usb hid mode)


Code for basic numbers and letters, lowercase and caps.

ino - 8.05 kB - 09/04/2017 at 10:14


  • 1 × teensy lc or other usb hid, and arduino ide compatible micro.
  • 9 × buttons or microswitches

  • USB HID, and new code

    haydn jones09/04/2017 at 10:46 0 comments

    I have uploaded all the source code that moves this from a very niche serial device to a full fledged usb keyboard, compatible with any modern computer.

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    Build instructions

    Building the keyboard couldn't be easier. First layout the keys as follows, using whatever switches you prefer.

    [delete] [3] [2] [1] [4] [5] [6] [enter]


    Then connect one pole of each of the switches to ground on the teensy and the other pole of each to the following pins.

    deleteKey = 2;
    enterKey = 3;
    spaceKey = 4;
    Key3 = 5;
    Key2 = 6;
    Key1 = 7;
    Key4 = 8;
    Key5 = 9;
    Key6 = 10;

    And that's it.

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    Firmware Setup

    To configure the keyboard you can use any PC, then the braille keyboard can be used on any usb compatible PC or MAC. Install the arduino ide from , well as teensyduino from Open the source code included on this page, and under the tolls tab select the board type, select USB type "keyboard" and the keyboard type for your region. This code is only compatible with English speaking regions as other countries use different braille standards. Click the right pointing arrow ➡️to compile and upload the firmware to your device.

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    Hardware Setup

    Once the code is uploaded to the device, the keyboard is plug and play. Just conect the usb lead and you are ready to go :)

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