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Water is essential for surviving of species and would like to make this happen!

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Galasso David Leonardo wrote 09/04/2017 at 18:49 point

Nothing is chucked away from our balanced system so must be organized, this explains see moto in refer of other planets, every material has is own resistence of traction force, this is heath as we desume pressure of g force is up side down, as measured low on the hights and hight under a pile. As weight is due to intrisic characteristics of the object and the weight on top of it, over the one that pulls down, we are subjected of same force still we resist because our structura is stronger build in such a way, so if we want low pressure means we are build better when not subjected to the force or reverse we suffer disase. As the disase interests brain where we are the most quantitative of obsigen, status changes are gradual as I still suppose or we still feel actracted out of g zone like a bubble in the pool and to be, oxigen is repellent with metal that is in the center of earth so despite hydrogeno is lighest O escapes and to imprison oxigen, we should use cells of hydrogenus that is most common in space.

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Galasso David Leonardo wrote 09/04/2017 at 12:37 point

I will start on what I know and H2O evaporate at 100 celsius degrees still is a state change of the element because it change status as molecola binds broke. As an osmotic worls where we live, "we take place of each other" we must consider something going up or stayng in liquid form or solid, same solids could take free place. Pangea theory sais earth is moving due to circles and this is motus and as weight is due to mass and gravity we must consider the state of a "solid" as an equity rule. We could have a stone in one hand and press it, this could be possible with ice that gives vapor, as we know rain is done by thunderstones witch are changes of pressure as water shouldn't go further on up due to g, in clouds there is circular motus and molecola hits and falls. We can desume azoto is heavy than vapor water and goes through until a change of state in athmosphere so we live in a dynamic balance and this is the turn of Einstein!

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