Testing of the first prototype and feedback

A project log for MOLBED 2 Modular Low cost Braille Electro Display

An improved version of the 2016 project, aimed to develop a low cost and modular refreshable Braille system

MadaeonMadaeon 09/04/2017 at 13:520 Comments

The first prototype has been tested thanks to the Italian association for visually impaired people.

Their feedback can be summarized as follows:

Pins and characters must respect size and dimensions as defined in standards like the US and California

"Communication Elements and Features includes items for communicating information to persons wit
h hearing and visual impairments. Section 703".

One line of characters can be enough, if it can refresh with a decent speed.

8-pins character cells are a must if Molbed has to work with PC or other digital devices.

Molbed has been also one of the 13 finalist (not winner, unfortunatey!) of Make to Care within the last maker Faire in Rome, Italy. We received a lot of feedback there also, and many people were interested in the idea of a low cost refreshable Braille display.