Soft Robotics Ducted Dancer

A shoulder mounted soft robotics air puppet that uses beat detection and forward/reverse fans to dance the night away.

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Adventures in soft robotics! A shoulder mounted inflatable air puppet that uses beat detection, an Arduino and banks of computer server fans to dance with the music.

  • 8 × 12v server cooling fans
  • 4 × Dual output 12v motor controller
  • 2 × black pleather fabric 2 square yards should do
  • 1 × 0.5mils super thin transparent or opaque trash bag the cheaper ones are usually the thinnest
  • 1 × one can of neon spray paint

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  • 1
    Strip Down the Football Shoulder Pads

    Remove all straps and padding. Remove the shoulder plastic flaps. Cut out pleather to cover exterior shoulder pad surfaces. Glue pleather to stripped down shoulder pads (I use upholstery spray contact cement).

  • 2
    Mount Hinged Wooden Fan Platform on Modified Football Shoulder Pads

    Once extraneous parts of the football shoulder pads have been removed and black pleather has been attached its time to start creating a shoulder mounted dance platform for our green friend. 

  • 3
    Bolt Suspended Fans to Fan Platform

    Bolt the fans to the hinged wooden platforms - 4 fans on each shoulder. The fans should have at least 1.5" clearance underneath for airflow. After bolt holes have been drilled in the platform (when we know the positions of the fans) cut out a 1" diameter hole under each fan for additional airflow. 

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