DX-Forth Prints Numbers, Stack

A project log for Kestrel-2DX

The Kestrel-2DX, a specific embodiment of the Kestrel Computer Project (also on Hackaday), will help with new hardware bring-up.

Samuel A. Falvo IISamuel A. Falvo II 01/08/2018 at 17:530 Comments

Just a quick update before I partake in more celebratory shenanigans.  I managed to implement . and U. in DX-Forth, so now I can print numbers.  Unlike most Forths, these words do not append a space to the numbers they print; I'm not convinced it will remain this way forever, but for now, it's convenient.  Using these words, I implemented .S to dump the contents of the stack as well.

Now that I have these features implemented, my next step is to implement block storage.  I intend on having four block buffers, and will implement a simple command-line text editor lexicon.  (I do not think I have enough room to implement a clone of VIBE.)  Only after I implement the block storage system will I consider starting to develop the colon compiler.

I have a fur-suiting convention to attend this weekend, and a family get-together the weekend following, so I do not expect to make further progress until at least February.