Quantity   Component name
1 × Raspberry Pi Zero W Head node and WiFi network gateway
4 × Raspberry Pi Zero Compute node, may be 1.3 or 1.2
4 × Diodes Inc. AP2191DWG 1.5A USB power switch
1 × Sunon fan MF40100V2-1000U-A99 Required if using case, 5V 40x40x10 fan, 7.0CFM, 20.6dBA
1 × Terrible PCB See the github in the sidebar. KiCad project, pcb v0.1 Gerbers, and PDF schematic are there
5 × Hirose ZX20-B-5S Vertical through hole microUSB plug, requires ZX20-B shroud
1 × Misc discretes and stuff resistors, caps, USB micro B jack. See the KiCad project or the attached BOM
1 × Cypress CY7C65632 4 port USB 2.0 HS hub w/ integrated 3.3V LDO, TQFP48
1 × 5V >=2A power supply with microUSB plug Smartphone chargers will work as long as they can supply 2A or more.
1 × 3D printed case Optional, requires 40x40x10 5V fan. Recommended for protection and to keep the node boards aligned
4 × 2GB or larger microSD card For the compute nodes
1 × 32GB or larger microSD card For the head node