Now wireless with Bluetooth and Lipo Battery

A project log for Magic Frame : Turn Everything into a Touch Area

Build your own touch screen solution adapted on your TV by using some CIS or CCD sensors from old scanners

jean.perardeljean.perardel 10/16/2017 at 21:070 Comments

It's nice to have frame on your wall with a photo or painting. But to be really discret and easy to integrate, we don't want to have a black wire going away from it.

The new version of the frame now embed a 1000 mA Lipo Battery and a NRF24L01+ multi-pair bluetooth module. Now,  we can get rid of the annoying micro USB cable!

The reception is made by an Atmega32u4 board wired to a computer with a USB port. 

The particularity of the Atmega32u4 on the Arduino Micro board is to be able to act as an USB HID device and/or a serial port. This mean we can send some Keyboard keys, mouse position or CDC serial data. 

The original program of the Magic Frame on the Teensy board also gave the possibility to act like a HID or CDC, but now we can also do it wirelessly ;-)