Complete Portable Power Pack

A complete portable power solution for your Raspberry Pi / Beaglebone Black / Arduino

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A complete portable power solution for your Raspberry Pi / Beaglebone Black / Arduino.

Pack will consist of:
- Rechargeable lithium polymer battery (available in various capacities or "bring your own")
- A single power pack board which will include:

* Charging circuit that can take 5-12v DC via a USB cable or "wall wart" AC outlet
* Thermistor protection circuit for ensuring safe battery operation
* Boost circuit for converting the 3v battery pack to 5v and higher
* Battery fuel gauge circuit that provides battery charge % via I2C (your project can talk to the power system)
* OS shutdown detection with automatic safe power disconnect

This project is a work-in-progress. A prototype has been built from the required components to power a portable Raspberry Pi project. A complete and integrated solution will be more cost effective than buying multiple breakout boards for powering your portable microcomputer/microcontroller project(s).
  • 1 × Lithium Polymer Battery 1200mAh, 2200mAh, 4400mAh, 6600mAh
  • 1 × MCP73833 Linear Charge Management Controller
  • 1 × TPS61032 Adjustable, 4-A Switch, 96% Efficient Boost Converter
  • 1 × MAX17043 Compact, Low-Cost 1S Fuel Gauge
  • 1 × FDS4465 Low voltage P-Channel MOSFET for Soft-power switch

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