This project will basically make Toilets smarter. It can be used in office to get status of toilet and in public toilet to get feedback

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For now project is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1: I have noticed people going all the way to office toilet and finds out that it is already occupied. So I decided why not to make something by which people can get the live status on their computer. A live status will be displayed on computers connected on the same network, whether the toilet is occupied or not in the offices.

Part 2: In public toilets, there is no particular way to complain anyone if it's dirty. So I decided to make something that will consist of a simple choice filling feedback system, where in the users can simply select whether they are happy or not i.e. whether toilet is clean or not. This feedback will be sent to the respective departments so that they can take take instant action.

Both the problems where related to toilet so I decided to get them under 1 project and name it "Loo Project"!
  • 1 × linkit smart 7688 duo
  • 1 × IR sensor
  • 1 × breadboard Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components

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